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One eID app for the future of authentication, remote registrations and IoT communication with all online services. A PersonalCode that replaces passwords managers and specialised authenticators is just the start.

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As simple as it gets.

Say goodbye to usernames and complicated passwords for every single online service you use. ADUCID brings you one app you’ll ever need for all.


How it works for users?


Simply download PEIG to any of your devices supporting iOS, Android, Windows or Mac OS X.


Proof your identity in person or register remotely from your device. Set-up your PersonalCode - at least four symbols known only to you to increase your security.


Access all of your online services, register new bank accounts from home, have your kids' age verified or even communicate with IoT devices.


Integration Demo

Try our Integration Demo and see how easy it is to implement ADUCID authentication into your service.

In this demo you start with a web application that uses username and password for user authentication. Next you will try and see for yourself how quickly you can migrate your users to strong authentication with ADUCID.


Everything you need to know about ADUCID. Our Wiki includes simple examples, architecture overview and code snippets.

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