Simple Login.
Secure Authentication.

Innovative technology for eID and mobileID services
with focus on security regulation compliance.

We provide the most innovative multi‑factor authentication for eID solutions in eGovernment, eHealth and private sector that enables user login, virtual transactions and cloud electronic signatures with NIST, eIDAS, PSD2 and EBA compliancy.



Increased Security

Increased Security

Our innovative mutual authentication protocol based on asymmetric cryptography outperforms hardware tokens.


Seamless UX

Seamless UX

Users can login and perform high-risk transactions on any device with a single QR code scan.


Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

Virtualised, the authentication infrastructure is inexpensive and enables effortless integration into a wide range of applications.


Basic authentication flow explained.
All of this takes only a few seconds.

User open's web page in a browser which prompts the web server to request auth server address.

Address of the auth server is returned via QR code (or URI) into user's auth app.

Auth app initiates communication with the auth server.

ADUCID protocol is used to establish secure channel and mutual authentication is initiated.

Once mutual authentication is successful, content is provided to the user via original channel.

Features & Benefits

1. Identity Fraud Prevention

The heart of ADUCID innovation lies in a unique protocol that is designed to resist sophisticated identity theft threats online.

2. Seamless Login

High risk operations that require high levels of assurance can be performed with a single QR code scan.

3. Effortless Integration

Integrating with ADUCID SDK only requires a few lines of code on both client and server side of the application.

4. Inexpensive Infrastructure

A software solution with an automated key management life cycle, the ADUCID infrastructure enables inexpensive implementation and maintenance.

5. Platform Independence

ADUCID is an external authentication method and as such can be implemented independent of the internal communication protocol and back-end platform used.

6. Low-cost Fraud Recovery

A strategic technology choice, implementing ADUCID Technology can reduce Identity Recovery Costs.


Product information

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Case studies

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Ready to Get Started?

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